Friday, October 17, 2008

3 hours in the life of Richard Hilgart IV

So the clock strikes 7, my sis is calling me up, she just found out one of her best friends mother is probably going to die soon, because of lung cancer. Of course she is really upset and start worrying about our parents health. Of course something like that is never easy.

Clock strikes 7:30, mom comes home from a 3 week trip to korea. she is tired and exhausted
starts arguing, but settles down.

9:00 My best friend calls telling me he is getting married...whooooohooooo. I m gonna be his best man and organizing his bachelor party.. its gonna be a blast =)

9:30 Another really good friend calls, telling me bout his troubles with his girlfriend. I thought they were really happy as they were looking for an apt. Now it all doesnt seems so happy after all. Well maybe its just one of them days and its gonna be better tomorrow?
But it also makes me think about the troubles I m having.

Its just 3 hours of my life, but it already is like a rollercoaster, learning that someone you care is in sorrow, next finding out your best friend is getting married and coming back down to a possible break up. We re livin live on the edge...crazy huh...

ok just a short post today, but i thought i should as its 3 live changing moments within just a few hours of each other..

take care,


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