Thursday, November 27, 2008

On the clock

So I m slowly creepin down to the end of the studies.
5 days till i write my 1st final. I really need to start studying. I m still pushing it off.

But at least i handed my thesis in and now i m really just about 7 weeks removed from graduation. Wow...then job hunt.

I really wish this baseball work was a full time job, cause I m pretty sure i would also thrive in it, but well it isnt. I think i m gonna hand more responsibilites over as time passes, which is a good thing. Well seems like sometimes i clinge on things. I m really not content with myself in that way. And also some things i might say, make me seam like a show off. And I m really uncomfortable with that. I think if its anything than lack of self confidence.

Anyways, now i m officially Head Coach of the mens team. And I let go of the girls and kids team. Wow only one team to coach. Seems crazy. I m really not used to it anymore. I guess its time to take a step back though.

As for the rest of my life... pretty much nothing new goin on. hehe boring, huh?

I ve been single for 8 months now. So the time i chose to be single my friends seem to have their eyes set on becoming serious. Best friend getting married, other friend moving in with his gf. another friend having his first relationship. and yes this really is my closer friends.
oh well. I guess i m not good at having a relationship anyways.

So anyways this is another boring blog during a sleepless night. I guess its good i didnt go through with my previous blogs though, cause they were mainly complaining bout life and people.

I dont know why, but makin my blog interesting doesnt seem like a priority anymore, its more just writing thoughts off of my head. but i m sure it will come back to me at one point. i hope you guys just bare with me until then.

good morning to europe, good night to north america and good afternoon to asia.....

see you all soon


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