Friday, June 29, 2007

One Family, one world

You wanna know how crazy our family is?

The last day, my parents, my sister and me were in the same country August 21st 2006.
The next day my parents, my sister and me will be in the same country October XX 2007.

Well ok we got this weekend...Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Actually my sister came to Germany Thursday evening and I m leaving Saturday evening, so we got about 48 hours in the same country.

haha...thats just a random note, but maybe it will help you understand how crazy our family is. There are times when we are spread out on 3-4 continents.

anyways... i m off..leaving for korea in 35..see you there!

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

time to leave again

so another day, another story, another town, but still the same life...

its been kind of an up and down visit back home for me. but its almost over so i wont spend too much on that... not too interesting anyways....

ok so saturday I ll be leaving for korea. I really wish i could have stayed for my best friends birthday, which is sunday, but i have to work monday...grrrrrrrrrrr...

i guess there is plenty to come, so we ll celebrate the next ones ;)

also on thursday my sis will get 30...crazy...everyone is getting older, married, children and all that...kind of scares me, but oh well...i m still 26 ;P

haha, anyways this is just a short update... I ll keep u updated once i get to korea... I ll be there on sunday evening, and then work for reuters, the news agency as a project manager...

good night germany =)

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

back home

will update tomorrow...

just for those wondering...

got home today!

take care