Monday, November 26, 2007


So things have been busy.

I went to Canada to meet some of my friends there, some unfortunately I didnt get to meet or talk to. But maybe I ll get another chance. As I ve mentioned before I will try to relocate to Canada after graduation. Also some personal things changed in my life. I am dating my former roommate now, which is unbelievable. We ve been through so much, which I think made this relationship a lot stronger, so I am really happy about it right now.

Also I began working for the catering again. It takes some major adjustment. After being out of it for about 1.5 years its difficult to get back in, not just because its new people, but also because you have another position and then you are not used to the specific muscles you need for being a waiter.

Also Baseballpractice is demanding muscles I havent used for a while, so right now I m basically sore after every workshift and baseballpractice, which is good though, because it tells me I m getting back in shape, which I m really happy about cause I need to.

Other than that not much is new.. I m taking tagalog classes at school which is fun and my other seminars are also ok, now I also hope this week I can finally finish my two termpapers and get in touch with my prof and my former work so i can get a certificate.

So its the final stages of my studies. 3.5 more weeks this year and then 4 next year and then no more classes...crazy.

On other news, I barely see people any more. Except for my buddy across the street and people at baseball practice, I dont see people. I guess everyone is busy. Especially that alper dude, who is waiting for me to finish that blog... stop flirting so your buddies in kriftel ;P

hehe anyways...
I think thats its for now.... life is pretty boring i guess. just school and work, oh well its all good....

+ I need all that money for when i ll move to north america, so right now i m trying to make as much money as i can...

ok so this it for today. probably no one even reads this anymore anyways.. LOL

take care