Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Back home (for now)

So I ve been home for about 3 weeks now. I ll go back to classes here tomorrow officially making my return to Germany. I ve met a lot of people I hadnt seen in a very long time and theres a lot more on the list. Was good to meet them and cant wait to meet everyone else. Its funny, some people havent changed at all and some people have had a crazy journey themselves.

I ve played lots of baseball and I m enjoying it soo much. Cant wait for the season to start. Also seems like we re making progress on building our own field. We still need lots of money though, so if you are willing to sponsor or anything check out the page

Oh yes and of course I put down major mileage on my car. Oh driving is so much fun. Well I m definately breaking the speed limits, but I had to, you know, been so long.

Family...same old, always on the run. haha its funny though, cause we kind of spent a lot of time together lately. Well lots of time for our standard, being in the same house for about a day in 2 weeks. ;P Well thats more than 1 day in the same city during 13 months. haha, so i guess we re improving.

Well not a lot has changed really as I was home in between a couple of times, I guess it doesnt seem that long. Off course the people i hang out with have changed a lot as a year away often shows you who you really care about and who really cares about you. So its been a good experience....
So what else dont really have anything going on right now.

I ve been a really lazy bum right now. hihi I guess thats part of coming kind of try to push all your obligations as far as you can. So i wont start working until after I come back from vacation. haha yes going on vacation again already. I ll be going to Halifax for a week and then meet my family in toronto.
Just 2 weeks till i get to Halifax again, back to where my world journey started. Its crazy, cause when I think back it seems like its been 3-4 years since i was there because since then I ve done so much, yet its only 8.5 months. so not even a year. Still I m really excited to see my friends again.

Ok this has to do for now as I should work on some things, but I ll try to write more often again...

Take care everyone