Monday, June 09, 2008

Goodbye May - Welcome June

So May has passed by, and the people that followed my blog have seen there were lots of negatives, so I m happy the month finally passed and now i m looking forward to june. A better month of june. A happier, more exciting june. A month I ll find my passion again. My heart and my enthusiasm, my spirit and my joy.

I think I m at least on the way to finding some of that passion for baseball again. I had like a wake up moment today. I realized i might have not pushed hard enough. Yes I was playing banged up and hurt, but then again, i could have played harder than i did. The way I used to play. The way I am, like you saw in my attitude post. I think i lacked that attitude for a couple of weeks and I m gonna try to get that back and be the best team leader i can be. Show the team what we re made of and move forward from there.

Also work, i ll try to step it up a notch. I ve been kind of lazy. well not really lazy. I ve been feeling like i ve been working for 1.5 people, but because of it, i kind of slacked a little, something i m not used to, because normally i ll just pick it up and do the work for 2. and i really should get back to that. After all I m only 27. I still have lots of life left in me. Lots of motivation. Lots of spirit, lots of joy.

So i should let it all out and go in and show people what i m really made of.

one more thing before i let you go......for whoever wrote the last comment. thank you for the kind words. I hope i can live up to your "expectations" and be the person i used to be, who might have deserved your words more than the person i have been for the past couple of weeks.

Anyways...all the best everyone.... =)